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Open Orphanage is Open Source software to help manage and fund orphanages. We desire to provide software that will:

  • Giving the glory to God, it helps to link children to sponsors, and securely assist their communication, like Compassion international.
  • Help make known different children’s and local needs over time, as well as the responses received to needs by donors and prayers.
  • Helps manage newsletters to sponsors.
  • Eventually we also hope to help with processes related to orphanage accountability and adoption.

The Program is currently in an early alpha state and consists of:

  • An app (currently android, but we are looking for web and iOS targets as well) to help manage the children.
  • A WordPress Plugin, as WordPress is a near universal and inexpensive way to make excellent websites, there is great freedom for Orphanages to be creative with their content. It operates currently through the uses shortcodes that allow insertion of the children into their website.
  • This website https://openorphanage.org through which the diverse orphanages can be announced, as well as some rating and accountability made. We are not responsible for the use of this software please be responsibly acquainted with the organizations you choose to work with and please be understanding as many orphan homes run with a heavy level of duress.

At this point we are running a pilot trial through the following sites:

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